Dan Tentler

Dan Tentler

Dan is the Executive Founder of Phobos Group, a boutique information security services and products company specializing in custom tailored assessment and engineering work. Having been on both red and blue teams, Dan brings a wealth of defensive and adversarial knowledge to bear on offensive, defensive or architectural concerns. Dan has spent time at Twitter, British Telecom, Websense, Anonymizer, Intuit and Sempra Energy, to name a few and has a strong background in systems, networking, architecture and wireless networks, translating to strengths in lateral movement, data exfiltration, hiding from the blue team, physical security and a variety of other red team techniques. Outside of work, Dan's cooking, FPV drones, making hot sauce and absurd home automation projects.

Dan Tentler's talks at Security Fest

2022: Eyes into an active AO during a war
2023: Architecting for security: the old ways
2024: Adversarial Defenses: Beartrapping Linux Servers

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