Wheels of Wonder

This research delves into the dynamic convergence of telecom and hardware hacking, focusing on vehicular networks and innovative tools. The study reveals vulnerabilities in modern vehicular networks, uncovering covert techniques in telecom hacking and the manipulation of connected vehicles. Through meticulous examination and advanced tools, the research dissects cryptic methodologies such as GPS Spoofing within the realms of telecom, hardware hacking, and illicit stations. From a black-hat perspective, the investigation not only identifies vulnerabilities but also exposes potential pathways for exploitation. The findings stress the immediate need for innovative countermeasures in contemporary security protocols, inviting telecom enthusiasts and hardware hackers to explore the intricate landscape of vehicular cybersecurity. Emphasizing nuanced security aspects, the research underscores the urgency for innovative approaches, pushing the boundaries of existing security paradigms in the interconnected domains of telecom, hardware hacking, and clandestine aspects associated with connected vehicles. As technology progresses, understanding and exploiting these vulnerabilities become imperative, shaping the future landscape of illicit activities in the interconnected realms of telecom and hardware hacking. The call is clear—forge ahead into uncharted territories, armed with ingenuity, and redefine the boundaries of cybersecurity in the evolving landscape of connected vehicles.

Presented at Security Fest 2024.

Speaker: Hrishikesh Somchatwar

About Hrishikesh Somchatwar

Hrishikesh Somchatwar

Meet an esteemed cybersecurity expert and distinguished speaker who has graced prestigious stages such as c0c0n, Bsides Delhi 2019, Bsides Ahmedabad 2021, and HackFest Canada 2021. Despite an accepted village invitation at DefCamp Romania 2019 and 2023. Their insights have found a profound resonance with diverse audiences, cementing their status as a revered authority in the cybersecurity realm. Beyond the podium, this luminary author penned the acclaimed “Hacking the Physical World,” capturing readers’ attention on Amazon’s bestseller lists. Venturing further into the intricate tapestry of technology and human narratives, they host the “StorytellingHacker” podcast. Here, they unravel the captivating intersection of storytelling and electronics hacking, sharing compelling tales and insights that bridge the gap between technology and human experiences.

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