Samit Anwer

Samit Anwer

Samit Anwer is a Web and Mobile Application security researcher. Soon after completing his Master's degree from IIIT, Delhi in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing he joined Citrix R&D India as a Product Security researcher. He is actively involved with vulnerability research in popular Web/Mobile apps and has responsibly disclosed several security vulnerabilities with Google Cloud Print API, XSS filter evasion on IE 11/MS Edge, code execution on Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft's OAuth 2.0 implementation and buffer overflows on MS Edge/IE 11. He is an active member of the Null Bangalore Chapter, IEEE community and has spoken on various security topics at the following venues: DEFCON China, Beijing (2018) BlackHat Asia, Singapore (2018) AppSec USA, Orlando (2017), CodeBlue, Tokyo (2017), c0c0n X, Kerala (2017) and Null meets (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) He has previously published papers at the following venues: Chiromancer: A Tool for Boosting Android Application Performance [MobileSOFT Conference 2014, Hyderabad, India], Detecting Performance Antipatterns before migrating to the Cloud [IEEE CloudCom 2013, Bristol, U.K.], Performance Antipatterns: Detection and Evaluation of their Effects in the Cloud [IEEE Services 2014, Anchorage, Alaska], His technical interests lie in using static program analysis techniques to mitigate security and performance issues on mobile/web apps, breaking web/mobile apps, and researching on cutting edge authentication and authorization mechanisms.

Samit Anwer's talks at Security Fest

2019: Oh! Auth: Implementation pitfalls of OAuth 2.0 & the Auth Providers who have fell in it

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