Christoffer Jerkeby

Christoffer Jerkeby

Christoffer is a security researcher working as a consultant for F-Secure Sweden. He has previously worked in telecom security research for many years and have become known from talks on Travel card hacking at SEC-T in 2010. Christoffer is an organizer behind the Danish hacker camp Bornhack and one of the founders behind the first Swedish hackerspace Forskningsavdelningen in Malmö. Christoffers research have ranged from writing the specification for GlobalPlatform TEE Socket/TLS API, Bluetooth Mesh security to finding Qubes vulnerabilities, Wi-Fi vulnerability research, VPN de-anonymization and GSM fuzzing. Expect a roller-coaster of pain, aha and hackery from this one.

Christoffer Jerkeby's talks at Security Fest

2019: Load Balancer with RCE, Hacking F5

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