Calle Svensson

Calle Svensson

Carl Svensson is a security professional and hobbyist currently working as the head of security at Swedish healthcare startup, Kry. He holds a master’s degree in computer science from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) following a life-long interest for computers and IT. He has been working as a security consultant since graduating two years ago. He’s a frequent CTF player, both solo and as a member of HackingForSoju, one of the top ranked CTF teams in the world. This puts him against a wide range of challenges and have helped rapidly expand his knowledge despite only a few years in the security field.

Calle Svensson's talks at Security Fest

2017: When all else fails - Reverse engineering with determination
2019: Software Obfuscation with LLVM
2019: TRAINING: Basics of Binary Exploitation

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