Alex Inführ

Alex Inführ

As a Senior Penetration Tester with Cure53, Alex is an expert on browser security and PDF security. His cardinal skillset relates to spotting and abusing ways for uncommon script execution in MSIE, Firefox and Chrome. Alex’s additional research foci revolve around SVG security and Adobe products used in the web context. He has worked with Cure53 for multiple years with a focus on web security, JavaScript sandboxes and file format issues. He presented his research at conferences like Appsec Amsterdam, Appsec Belfast, ItSecX and mulitple OWASP chapters. As part of his research as a co-author for the 'Cure53 Browser Security White Paper', sponsored by Google, he investigated on the security of browser extensions.

Alex Inführ's talks at Security Fest

2019: Exploring Macros in (Open|Libre)office - Why you should care

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