Hoedown Roundup: Wrangling Active Directory Misconfigurations, Texas Style!

While external assessments may pinpoint certain vulnerabilities, the specific details of misconfigurations, unique to each organization, may slip past even the most diligent administrators. During this session, I will stress the crucial importance of internal assessments, shedding light on commonly overlooked configurations that could be exploited by skilled adversaries. To emphasize this, we'll showcase how custom PowerShell scripts and LDAPsearch one-liners act as our reliable tools in this assessment. So saddle up, put on your cowboy hat, holster those PowerShell scripts, and join me for a technical hoedown where we'll explore how to secure your Active Directory.

Presented at Security Fest 2024.

Speaker: Melina Phillips

About Melina Phillips

Melina Phillips

I am an Offensive Security Engineer with 10 years of IT experience and 6 years specifically focused on IT Security. As an Offensive Security Engineer, I leverage my expertise and passion for red teaming to identify vulnerabilities and develop effective strategies to protect my organization against cyber threats. I have spent a significant amount of my personal time expanding my skills and knowledge in several IT security areas. I also love CrossFit, country music, bbq and playing with makeup!

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