Double-edged Sword - Exploring Offensive and Defensive AI Applications

Explore the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) in the realm of cyber security, focusing on the intricate balance between offensive and defensive strategies. The digital era has ushered in an arms race between AI technologies, where the advancements in one domain fuel innovations in the other. We define and delineate offensive AI, exemplified by automated hacking, phishing, and social engineering, as tools that pose significant threats to digital security. In contrast, defensive AI, with its focus on automation in anomaly detection and predictive analytics, serves as a bulwark against these threats. This discussion is not just about the technology but also about the broader implications, including the ethical considerations and the need for a robust defense mechanism to protect digital assets. Imagine techniques using video, images, and voice to impersonate individuals and influence the public. This is why Anna will also delve into real-world case studies, such as the success of Recorded Future's Intelligence Agent for Defenders, to illustrate the practical applications and impact of these AI technologies. The talk aims to provide key takeaways on the importance of staying informed and actively engaged in the dialogue surrounding offensive and defensive AI applications. It's a call to action for continued vigilance and collaboration in the field of AI to ensure a secure and ethical digital future.

Presented at Security Fest 2024.

Speaker: Anna Guetat

About Anna Guetat

Anna Guetat

Anna Guetat is the Vice President of Data and Analytics at Recorded Future. With a Master's degree in Digital Media and Web Technology from Harvard University, Anna brings over 15 years of expertise in New Product Development, primarily in Data, Analytics, and AI. Her passion is focused on bridging the gap between humanity and technology. Linkedin:

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