Demystifying Cloud Infrastructure Attacks

Threat actor tactics in a classic on-premises environment are well documented and understood. For example, extracting credentials from memory and then pass-the-hash is a common technique to move laterally in Windows. But how do threat actors move laterally between cloud workloads and compute instances? What are the common persistence techniques, and what are the high value targets we need to protect? Alexander is Principal Forensic Consultant at Truesec and will in this session share his learnings from thousands of hours of enterprise forensics. You will learn how cloud tactics differ from on-premises and see the latest techniques used in real attacks against cloud infrastructure.

Presented at Security Fest 2024.

Speaker: Alexander Andersson

About Alexander Andersson

Alexander Andersson

Alexander is a Principal Forensic Consultant at Truesec. Alexander has a background in red teaming and software development. Today, he spends most of his time providing incident response services to companies that have suffered from an attack. He has led hundreds of complex investigations into everything from full-scale ransomware attacks to zero-day exploits and APT campaigns. Whenever not in an active incident, Alexander spends time in research and development with a focus on both novel forensic techniques and offensive vulnerability research.

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