Internet of Scientific Curiosity – What I found out using my home and body as an IoT test lab

Internet of Things is a toolbox, and as any tool it can be used for good and for bad. Applying a hacker mindset and using my own home and body, I’ve explored the prerequisites for doing IoT in an ethical and secure – and fun – way. Issues range from insecure components and privacy invading business models to issues about regulation and lack of regulation. And – most importantly – culture. I will talk about the Medical IoT and its unique set of problems. There are obvious and often life improving and life saving gains to be made, traded for the control of our most intimate privacy data. I present my experiments with biohacking – sensors that measure different aspects of my body, as well as my wishlist for future, both when it comes to sensors and to regulation.

Presented at Security Fest 2017.

Speaker: Emma Lilliestam

About Emma Lilliestam

Emma Lilliestam

Emma Lilliestam is an IT security technician, journalist and cyborg. She has always been fascinated with the vulnerabilities that can break civilization, and how to protect us from these. She has a passion for user security and the cultural reasons for insecure behaviour, as well as for IoT and DIY biohacking and self-tracking. Emma works as head of Devops, Privacy and Security at the IoT company Ewa Home.

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