Real­world lessons about spies every security researcher should know

When you’re a security researcher involved in analyzing nation­state sponsored attacks and working with governments in different countries, interesting things will start happening in your life. People will want to become your friends. Business proposals will start flowing in. Beautiful girls interested in geopolitics and cyber­espionage will randomly show up in lobby­bars. Maybe in the beginning you won’t realize what’s happening. But after many years, you will start identifying some patterns. Nowadays, the life of security researchers can be very interesting sometimes. We are not haunted by journalists, but by something much more creepy. What happens when the ‘men in black’ from various military or intelligence organizations start showing up in your life? Our research is about some documented encounters with the ‘men in black’, about what military organizations are doing, what kind of recruitment techniques they use etc.

Presented at Security Fest 2016.

Speakers: David Jacoby, Stefan Tanase

Upon request of the authors, this talk was not recorded.

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